vintage microphone with boomerang stand

You are looking at a cosmetically very nice 1960’s era Made in Japan, Microphone desk stand with a vintage KENT DM-22 dynamic microphone. This stand was the popular boomerang desk stand made of cast iron and as seen in the pictures provided the original black paint looks incredible as does the chrome.
The 3 inch chrome stem / riser has very little wear to it. Any vintage microphone will screw right onto this stand as it has the universal 5/8 thread or you can use the adapter that holds the KENT microphone for easy in/out function. The black body of the microphone shows some cosmetic wear and scratches but the unit works as it should and comes with its original cable with 1/2″ plug. Asking $40.00 for both the boomerang stand and KENT DM-22 microphone or best offer. This setup would work & look great in a dj setup or home studio.



a pair of vintage SHURE 588SD microphones

sold_carousel-3042 Vintage Shure 588 SD unisphere B Dynamic microphones
Dual impedance: low/high. XRL Connection. On/off switch. The model 588 SD-LC Unisphere microphone is a ball type dual-imedance, cardiold (unidirectional) dynamic unit that provides excellent reproduction of voice and music The 3-position switch selects “off,” low-impedance balanced or high impedance unbalanced. Built like a tank. Gently used & in great working vintage condition. I’m selling them as a pair. Includes original connector cables. Only minor issue on 1 microphone mesh ball (small dent) does not affect the operation. Asking $60.00 or best offer for the pair.

588c 588b 588 588a

vintage & legendary Buchanan Hammer microphone

This gorgeous, timeless microphone dates back 50 years and is part of music history.
The legendary Buchanan Hammer microphone was popular with jazz musicians because of its affordable, big, full fidelity. It received its name from being manufactured in Buchanan, Mich., and because it was so heavy and solid that it could be used to knock nails in with it. Many claim its Hammer name also comes from musicians who could belt songs out with it. Manufactured in Buchanan Michigan it is possibly the coolest looking microphone ever made? It is so heavy and solid that it used to be said that if you didn’t want to use it to sing, you could always knock nails in with it ! Has appeared in many pop videos and on over 40 album covers. A single-element, dynamic mic, it was the first model to incorporate the company’s patented Variable-D design, which means that although it is a cardioid it has no proximity effect. It is especially good on male singers with ‘boomy’ voices. One of the few vocal mics of this period that still sounds good on a modern PA

This 13″ beauty is made of heavy brass under a chrome finish and is circa 1968 . Beautiful heavy feel with vintage look and sound. Some wear showing on the base of the chrome finish but tested and works as it should with original connector cable included but no stand. Asking $125.00 or best offer for a quick sale.

Frequency Response: Uniform from 60 to 15,000 Hz
Polar Pattern: Cardioid, uniform front-to-back discrimination.
Impedance: 150 Ohms/Hi-Z. Lo-Z is balanced to ground.
Impedance Selection: Selection is made at cable plug. To change from Hi=Z to Lo-Z, move qhite lead at terminal #2 to terminal #3.
Output Level: Lo-Z – -58 dB, Hi-Z – -58dB
EIA Sensitivity Rating: Lo-Z – -149 dB, Hi-Z – -151 dB
Case: Pressure cast zinc
Finish: Satin Chrome (available in non-reflecting gray as model 664G)
Connector in Mike: Electro Voice Quick-Change model QC-4M
Dimensions: 1-7/8 inch dia. 7-3/16 inch long
Net Weight: 1 lb, 12 oz., less cable
Stand Coupler: 5/8″ -27 thread
Optional Accessories: Model 419 desk stand



ATHENA bookshelf speakers

sold_carousel-304I have a pair of Athena Technolgies AS-B1 Audition Series speakers for sale. They are in excellent condition (no scratches or dents). Very competent compact bookshelf speaker. Check online for shining reviews.
This speaker is touted as a best bang for your buck by many reviewers and outperforms many speakers that cost 3X as much. Athena Technologies AS-B1, is synonymous with “big, big sound at a low, low price.” The AS-B1 features the company’s 1″ Teteron-dome tweeter, renowned for its clarity, along with a 5.5″ injection-molded polypropylene woofer that’s said to deliver bass to about 60Hz. I’m still amazed — not only at how loud and clean the AS-B1 will play, but at how balanced it sounds overall. Athena does a great job of delivering high-end-type sound and great build quality at a rock-bottom price.I have too much gear and own 2 pairs of these Athena speakers and that is why I am selling 1 pair.
ASKING $100 FIRM for the pair.

Audition AS-B1 Speakers
Frequency response: 60 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 3 dB
Power handling: 125 watts per channel
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Impedence: 8 ohms
Dimensions: 13.75″ tall, 7″ wide, 9.5″ deep
Weight: 14 lbs. each

  • Pickup onlyathena1asb1aasb12a

Technics SL-BD20D DC Servo turntable

The SL-BD20D offers semi-automatic operation, at 33-1/3 or 45rpm, with auto-return and shutoff. The low-mass tone arm and supplied P-mount cartridge will coax sweet sounds out of your record collection.
An anti-resonant base cuts down on vibration and a DC servo motor keeps platter rotation in tight control. All controls are outside the acrylic cover and can be accessed when the cover is closed. Plugs into your receiver’s phono inputs with the included cables. I’m selling off my audio collection slowly as it’s a shame to leave this great turntable & other gear in storage and not enjoyed by music lovers.

An inexpensive yet reliable turntable. This is a great budget turntable with the feel of remarkable Technics engineering & reliability behind it. A solid no-frills turntable that does all the basics right and will satisfy the needs of all but the most demanding audiophiles. You can spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on an audiophile turntable. But if you simply want first-class sound with a minimum of fuss and bother, you can have this SL-BD20D with an excellent condition Technics cartridge and low hours stylus for $100 FIRM. That’s great value to get into vinyl. This is a 1 owner lightly used vintage semi-automatic turntable in excellent near mint cosmetic & working condition.

33-1/3, 45rpm speeds
Includes pre-mounted P-mount cartridge
Low-mass tone arm is easy on your vinyl
DC servo belt-drive
Semiautomatic operationtt slbdb slbda slbd20d



Realistic Minimus 7 are excellent little bookshelf sized speakers, ideal where you want something small and unobtrusive but with a good sound. Many are used as small studio monitors. WORK PERFECTLY AND SOUND AMAZINGLY GOOD FOR SPEAKERS THIS SMALL. GUARANTEED 100% ORIGINAL, NEVER REPAIRED. These are the earlier made in Japan model reputed to be better quality than the later Korean counterparts. This model has stood the test of time and was in production for about 30 years. There is a ‘cult’ following by audiophiles, see this link for details.

These speakers are long out of production and can only be purchased used; nice low mileage pairs are getting very hard to find. These are a pair of the top of the line walnut cabinet finish speakers. The metal cased are more common place but these wooden beauties are rare.

– 40 Watts RMS/channel rating – those are true, not chinese watts, and they will play LOUD
– Cabinets are finished in oiled walnut veneer
– original Grilles are in very good condition
– Vibration-free design
– Long throw paper-based 4″ woofer
– 1″ cloth tweeter
– VERY HEAVY for the size
– Measure only 7 x 4.5 x 4.25 inches, but beat many big bookshelf designs when it comes to performance!
– Can be wall mounted

Asking $80.00 or nearest offer.

awesome vintage steamer trunk coffee table with glass top


I’m selling my vintage steamer trunk that can be used as a coffee table, great for additional storage and adding some vintage functional charm to your decor. If you live in tight quarters its great because of its dual purpose use. It stands about 21.5 inches tall, measures 36 inches wide and 19.5 inches deep. It is in very good /clean original vintage condition. I also have a piece of tempered glass that has smooth sanded edges that can be used as a top should you wish to use it as a coffee table, etc. I’m asking $85.00 or nearest offer. Sorry pickup only.

vintage PIONEER vinyl stereo system


This is a nice entry level stereo system for someone interested in vintage audio, without breaking the bank. I’m selling my Pioneer ES-2000 component system, receiver, turntable and a pair of Pioneer Cs series speakers. A little vintage wonder. Not a big receiver, at only 20 watts rms (or close),but a warm, delicate, perfect sound. It plays plenty loud as these are old school watts rms and not the chinese junk electronics of late.
From the time (1972-73) Pioneer made probably their best receivers ever.
This one is in almost in perfect shape, as are the turntable with nice vintage SHURE cartridge/stylus and the speaker pair. All components are finished in a beautiful retro rosewood woodgrain.
Moreover, this model is very rare in the Pioneer line, coming originally only in a set, it’s very hard to find today, especially as a complete set. I even have all the original owners manuals and sales brochures. Here’s a link to an identical Pioneer system so that you can see the components in video.

Everything is working flawlessely. A collector piece that can be used & enjoyed for many years to come. Don’t miss this one, asking only $180.00 for a quick sale.

Sophie Sucree, sweets for the sweet

webSophieSucreebest5Just met the owner (Milene) of a vegan friendly patisserie sandwich boutique “Sophie Sucree” and wanted to share her passion for creating beautiful culinary treats with you. Life is serendipitous like this as she visited my ‘treasure trove’ of vintage items to bring home a cool theatrical lamp. I’ll be sure to make a visit myself soon, hope that some of you will as well. I’m betting her treats are just as sweet as she is. Thanks for the visit Milene!

Breweriana, Beer collectible vintage wooden beer case & cooler


item #1, Retro Sleeman’s metal Beer Cooler, Retro Style Old School. NOT VINTAGE probably 1990’s promotional item. This is a Rare piece, representing a Canadian micro-brewery. Great for FOR A BIRTHDAY OR CHRISTMAS GIFT. OR TREAT YOURSELF. Decorate your bar, any Classic Car or truck accessory. Nice conversation piece. Holds 18 cans with ice. In very nice slightly used condition. All logo/lettering is clean & crisp and white powder coating in great shape. Measures about 14″ high by 12″ wide by 9.5′ depth. Asking for $60.00 OBO, these usually sell in the $100-120 range.

item #2, Vintage Wooden Budweiser Hanging Wall Cabinet Crate Shelf Curio. This great cabinet is made from an actual vintage Budweiser Beer Case.

Unique vintage character, stunning stamped motif….. Functional possibilities? All outstanding features of this rare collectible.
Measures – 19″ x 15.5″ x 5″
Vintage Anheuser Busch Budweiser Lidded Wood Crate Collectible Beer Advertising collectible.
With one look at this vintage storage cabinet, you will realize that it has essentially everything you could want in a vintage collectible. Equal parts conversation piece and understated vintage collectible, this is the sort of thing that will become a permanent fixture in your collection.

. Made from thick wood slats of the original vintage beer case, the surface has a gorgeous medium brown finish that just seems to exude antique character. Note the two handles cut into the tops of the sides part of the old beer case design, with an interior that features dividers made from remaining wood stock of the beer case. Built-in hanging hooks. This is a very rare find and I’ve seen similar retro-fits selling from $160-200. Asking $60 OBO for a quick sale.

If you want both the metal cooler and the vintage wooden curio cabinet together $100.00